A European Collaboration for Adaptive Teaching

We strive to make education in Europe more personalized, effective, and inclusive.

Our Project

The evidence leaves no room for doubt

For more than 20 years, international comparative studies have shown that many European students do not have the core basic competencies they need to participate fully in society.

Therefore, the E-ADAPT project’s guiding principle is the ideal of adaptive teaching that supports all learners equally to reach their full potential, which is already increasingly becoming a reality in countries such as Estonia and Finland.

In the E-ADAPT project we organize regular meetings of experts, create video documentations of adaptive teaching in numerous European countries, create a manifesto on adaptive teaching and learning, compile available methods and technologies, and conduct scientific studies.

c. Markus Schmidt

 „Europe depends on all students being able to fully develop their learning potential – and that’s why the school system must create the conditions for adaptive, personalized learning to be possible.“

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Trautwein

University of Tübingen

„In Europe, we need significantly more children who feel and experience that they can be successful learners, reach their aims and take charge of their own life. Every child deserves success. Adaptive Learning and Teaching is a key strategy to achieve this!“

Prof. Dr. Anne Sliwka

University of Heidelberg

 „Adaptive teaching and learning has the potential to promote educational equity by equipping all students with the basic competencies to participate in society as active members and to live meaningful lives.“

Prof. Dr. Hanna Dumont

University of Potsdam

Our Mission

Our mission at E-ADAPT is to create an inclusive space that brings together educational institutions, teachers, learners, and education experts across Europe to identify, develop, and disseminate proven adaptive teaching and learning approaches.

By fostering interdisciplinary research, technological innovation, and continuous knowledge exchange, we strive to promote personalized education, empower educators to create inclusive learning environments, and thus transform the educational experience in Europe and maximize the individual potential of each learner.

With a clear view of our goals

To develop standards of excellence for collaboration between science and education administration.

To establish a European research network on adaptive teaching to ensure a broader range

To engage in exchange with policymakers and interested members through various means

What is Adaptive Teaching?

Our Network

Big questions need united answers

Within the framework of the collaborative project E-ADAPT, funded by the BMBF (for the Swiss partners by the Jacobs Foundation), the implementation of adaptive teaching is considered a joint European project, in which about three dozen partners from science and practice from seven European countries cooperate in an interdisciplinary and international way.






people involved


Join us in the heart of historic Potsdam from May 27 to 29, 2024, where intellectual brilliance converges, and groundbreaking ideas flourish at the grand finale of our transformative journey – the Final E-ADAPT Conference, a confluence of minds destined to shape the future.